Marina in Motion:

is organized exclusively for civic and educational purposes. Specifically, to support and conduct non-partisan educational and informational activities that increase public awareness and support for smart growth, re-development, and revitalization in the City of Marina, promotes civic responsibility and regional cooperation. Marina in Motion does not endorse any measure or candidate for public office.

Technical Assistance Grant for the Fort Ord Superfund Site

The Technical Assistance Grant (TAG) awarded to MiM by the EPA runs for a three year period. The purpose of the TAG is to provide an additional mechanism for public outreach and information regarding the ongoing remediation efforts at Ft. Ord. To that end, MiM has hired a Technical Advisor (TA) who in conjunction with his other contacts can review technical documents prepared by the Army and FORA-ESCA to put technical concepts, conclusions, questions, and recommendations in lay person’s terms. MiM will act as a conduit to submit comments from the TA and the public for review.


Regular meetings of Marina in Motion are on the first Wednesday of every month.  Meetings are held at the American Legion Post 694, 694 Legion Way in Marina at 6:30.